Articles  of the Ayurvedic Medical Officers in Western Province to be submitted  to the    e-journal through the following e-mail.
1. To make necessary actions for convalescing diseases of people in Western province.

2. To procure required information about arrestment of non communicable diseases and prevention of diseases through Community Medical Services

3.Conservation and development of traditional native medical treatments

4. Establishment and maintenance of Herbal Gardens.
Ayurveda Hospital - Mirigama
Ayurveda Hospital - Molligoda
Provincial Ayurveda Hospital
Ayurveda Hospital - Lunawa
To be the leading public-sector institute in giving the public the best indigenous medicine and creating a healthy citizenship in the western province.

Protecting the health of the people in the western province through indigenous medicine and promoting healthy lifestyles and the protection of Ayurvedic medicine and promoting Ayurvedic medicine among the people.

The main role of the media unit is to make the public aware of the services provided by the Western Province Ayurvedic Department to promote the Ayurvedic Medical Service.
The media unit conducts all media activities through audio and visual mass about projects  and  programs further  posting advertisements on important information.

Ayurveda panchakarma Hospital
Ayurveda panchakarma Hospital
Provincial Circulars 01/2018

Mantaining  diaries by medical officers,dentists,Ayurveda Medical officers ,Assistant / registered medical officers who work for provincial government servicessistant medical officers.

For the purpose of providing more effective health promotion service , implementation of  the concept of getting allopathic  and ayurvedic medicine in one hospital was commenced with the inauguration at Baduraliya regional hospital on 17 th of May 2018.
This event was commenced by the Commissioner of  Western Province Ayurveda Department , Mala Perera and the Medical Officer Incharge of  Baduruliya Regional Hospital, Mr. MWIU Dayasiri. Now onwards , Ayurvedic and  allopathic medical treatments can be taken for patients at the Baduraliya regional hospital
Opening of the new Community Medical Center at  Attanagalla

With the participation of Western Province Ayurveda Commissioner , Gampaha District Community Medical Officer and other invitees , opening of the new Community Medical Center in  Attanagalla Divisional Secretariat Division was taken place on 03 rd of May 2018 at the auspicious time at 11.44 am
Alhena Suwa ketha project
Alhena Suwa ketha Project was launched for providing examples of local paddy cultivation without poisonous  chemicals  but with the use of organic fertilizer and traditional methods , by commencing the furrowing ceremony on the 28th of March, at auspicious time  7.51 am at the Ayurvedic Hospital in Meegoda
Opening of the new office at Madurawala
Opening ceremony was held at the Madurewalaya new office  with the pirith chanting at 9.42 am on 29th March 2018. The event was attended by the Commissioner of Western Province Ayurveda Department, medical officers and other invitees
The foundation stone laying ceremony for new Ayurvedic medical center  and  for the community health medical officers  office  was held in Nagoda , Kaluthara on 7 th of April 2018 at the auspicious time of 10.52 am.
The Hon. Minister  of Ministry of Health, Indigenous medicine, Social Welfare, Probation& Child care services ,Woman affairs and and Council affairs , Mr. Sumith Lal Mendis was the chief guest of this precious occasion.
The Sinhala New Year Festival was held on 16th of April 2018 with the direction of the medical officer in charge and the organizing of the other medical staff of  Ayurvedic hospital in Veediyagoda. The family members of the staff at the Ayurvedic Hospital, were also involved in this occasion . In addition, the ceremonial oil applying event was performed in the morning. The ceremony commenced after the arrival of the  Western Province Commissioner of Ayurveda, Dr. Mrs .Mala Perera
The national  New year  festival in Kalutara District which was organized by Department of Cultural affairs was held on Friday, 27th of April 2018, at theplayground of  Deepaloka Maha Vidyalaya, Warakagoda. The Ayurveda Department of the Western Province provided Osu pen and  maintained a medical camp for this ceremony.

Opening Ceremony of the new Community  Medical Office at  Dompe Divisional Secretary's Division in  Gampaha District was held on 10th May 2018 at the auspicious time at 10.30 am. The Western Province Commissioner of Ayurveda, Dr. Mrs .Mala Perera, and other  invitees participated for this precious moment.
A felicitation ceremony and an Ayurvedic workshop organized by the Wickramarachchi Medical Officers' Association was held in Kaluthara on 02 nd June 2018 . Dr. Rajitha Senaratne, Hon. Minister of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine was the chef guest at this event.
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Public Administration Circular : 26/2017 (II)

Online Re-registration of former members who were registered under old No: 82/83 and M/F Categories for Widows/Widowers and Orphans Pension Scheme

Allopathic and Ayurvedic  treatment at one hospital

Ayurveda hospital - Weediyagoda
Health Circular 5/2018

Granting of Permission to Government Ayurveda Medical Officers  to Engage in the Private Practice

Hon. Chief Minister
Mr. Isura Dewapriya
Hon. Minister
Mr. Sumithlal Mendis
Ayurveda Commissioner
Dr. Mrs. G.M. Mala Perera
Hon. Governor
Mr. Hemakumara Nanayakkara
Commencement of the project of health promotion holiday resort and low country wetland substitution herbal garden
Establishment of Health promotion Resort and low country wetland substitution herbal garden project at the premises of Yagirala Ayurveda Medical Center in the Western Provincial Council of the Walallawita Divisional Secretariat Division of the Kalutara District commenced on the 9 th of August 2018 at the auspicious time. In parallel with its first stage, constructing of the access road , building a hut on the rock and planting herbal medicines suitable for low country wetland were began with this. The project  is proceed under the guidance and instructions of the Commissioner of the Western Province Ayurveda Department  Dr. Mrs. Mala  Perera .

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Ayurveda hospitals can be categorized as the main institutions that provides precious service for preventing diseases of the public in Western province
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Panchakarma treatment units are established for providing qualitative curative service for foreigners as well as for public in Western province. Treatment fee is charged for the facilities that provide in treatments.
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Ayurveda hospital - Kaduboda
By promoting healthy living and preventing of diseases, the Western Province Ayurvedic Health Service has been expanded in 40 Divisional Secretariat Divisions in Colombo, Gampaha and Kalutara districts with the objective of promoting the health of the Westerners.
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